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Have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever enjoyed azure sea water, basked in the warm sunshine, lying surrounded by majestic palm trees, admired the magnificence of stone grottoes with bright color backlighting? No? Well, it is not too late to correct this misunderstanding. And correct it without colossal expenses, long flights and exhausting bus trips. From now on, the real Italy will be available to you in the heart of Kyiv — in the Majory leisure club.

Hot sauna — warm welcome

Having barely crossed the threshold of the club, you will be able to see all the magnificence and sophistication of the original Italian interiors with your own eyes. But do not rush into a reverent stupor — leave it for later and use every moment to get maximum pleasure. An experienced bath attendant will meet you at Majory Club. He will select the optimum sauna type, comfortable temperature and steam composition for you. He will make sure that your rest is extremely pleasant and unforgettable.

What awaits you inside

First of all, a luxurious large swimming pool under the azure sky, which is the real pride of the club, will appear before your eyes. The maximum depth of the swimming pool is 185 centimeters, which will allow you to swim in it without any fear, even if you cannot swim.

The water temperature is constantly maintained at the comfortable level of 25–28 degrees, and the modern cleaning system makes the bathing process as comfortable and safe as possible.

But the swimming pool is not the main highlight of the Majory club. It is waiting for you further — behind one of the two doors:

  • The first door hides a luxurious Finnish sauna, made in accordance with all the canons of the national steam baths of this country. The main feature of the Finnish sauna is a high air temperature (up to 110 degrees) with a relatively low humidity level. This will allow you to avoid overheating and get maximum pleasure with health benefits;
  • The second door will take you to the real Turkish hammam. The traditional Turkish bath in combination with professional massage and complex SPA procedures will be useful both for your body and for your soul. And a charming oriental atmosphere with unobtrusive music and pleasant aromas of exquisite dishes will make your pastime in the bath truly unforgettable.

Immerse yourself in an oasis of enjoyment and pleasure. Give yourself a real celebration of emotions and feelings at the Majory leisure club. And all this right in Khreshchatyk!