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  • Restaurant
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Would you like to go on an unforgettable journey through a unique country located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, enjoy the tropical warmth of the eternal summer and bask under one of the motley island palm trees? Of course, you would like to. Another thing is that the flight and vacation in Haiti is an expensive pleasure, not to mention the time that you will have to spend on fees and the rest itself. No, the rapid pace of life of modern society will not allow you to just so easily take off and fly thousands of kilometers from your hometown. But this is not required! Today, any person living in Kyiv or staying in the capital through travel can fully experience all the delights of a distant tropical resort by visiting the eponymous leisure club right in Khreshchatyk.

Affordable leisure for people who know a lot about high-quality recreation

Travel Club VIP Saunas network invites you to visit one of our unique leisure clubs called Haiti. This is a modern steam bath complex, ready to offer visitors a lot of all kinds of entertainment:

  • Large swimming pool with crystal clear water and heating. The depth of the swimming pool is only 1.85 m, so even if you have not yet learned to swim, you can still swim with pleasure in warm, clean water in anticipation of the upcoming rest;
  • Colorful steam room. The steam room in the Haiti leisure club can operate as a classic Russian steam bath, as well as a real Finnish sauna. It all depends on the temperature and humidity level you choose. With the help of modern bath equipment, the temperature and humidity of the air in the room are flexibly regulated within 50–110 degrees and 20–90 %, respectively;
  • Refreshing tub. What could be better than a dip in a cold, chilling water after a hot steam room? Feel the whole contrast of sensations by having immersed in a spacious tub;
  • Professional massage. Professional masseurs will gladly knead your tired muscles after a hard week of work. All major types of massage are available to choose from, and you will only have to choose one of them;
  • Restaurant and bar. Dozens of Mediterranean dishes, delicious and extravagant oriental treats, favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages — all this can be found in the restaurant’s extensive menu;
  • Other entertainment. In addition to all of the above, the Haiti leisure club has large satellite TVs, karaoke, comfortable chairs by the swimming pool and much more.

Book the sauna at any time convenient for you and get the most out of luxury holidays right in the center of Kyiv!