Элитные сауны Киева

On Sobornosti Avenue, as well as on Khreshchatyk, in the most elite places of Kiev, there are doors that will open another dimension for you.

Crossing the threshold of these doors, you find yourself in a completely new world. In a world devoid of the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life and the noise of a big city. Here, all this dissolves, disappears and calms down, leaving room only for a pleasant rest and relaxation in an elite sauna with a large pool.

The enchanting aromas of selected birch firewood, bath brooms and field herbs, mixing with the smells of delicious food and drinks will quickly return harmony to your body, and peace and tranquility to your soul. The Travel Club VIP sauna network will open up opportunities for truly elite relaxation, and qualified staff will be happy to fulfill all your cherished desires.

Enjoy your stay at Travel Club

Мы с радостью открываем свои двери для тех, кто знает толк в качественном отдыхе.

We provide you with sauna, hammam, huge swimming pool, fully equipped and isolated rooms to make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Each leisure club and each VIP sauna is the result of the painstaking work of leading world experts in the field of creating national baths. These are not just saunas in the city center, but the best resorts in the world, which will now be within walking distance from your home.

We offer 4 separate and absolutely unique leisure clubs:


combines a real Finnish sauna, Turkish hammam and azure pool.


Bali with its magical tropical resort atmosphere provided by a sauna, font and pool.


mesmerizing with its rich and stylish interior in the spirit of the Ancient East.


allowing its visitors to feel at least a few hours as participants in a grandiose action taking place somewhere in the depths of the Caribbean Sea.

Почему клиенты выбирают нас

Our clubs are deservedly included in the list of the best VIP saunas in Kiev and Ukraine. We are constantly improving, developing, offering something new and unique.

Among other things, you can count on some of the most affordable prices for this type of vacation in the entire capital. Come to Travel Club and we will show you how kings relax!

Having visited any of our clubs, you can always count on:

Personalized approach

When serving client's needs, we adjust personal requirements to deliver outstanding service

Quality decorations

We take it seriously! Each club is decorated according to its name, so you get the most out of your stay!

High-quality service

You may order different services, enjoy Ukranian cuisine, and have a drink with your friends!