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Kiev saunas

The network «TRAVEL CLUB» unites the best clubs of rest in Kiev. We work for those who is able to have a rest in a sauna, Russian bath, хаммаме who likes to receive from the life all the best -  in work, and in rest.

Each club of rest of the network «TRAVEL CLUB» has unique atmosphere that is peculiar to the best resorts of the world. «Marokko», «Bally», «Majory», «Haiti» … - year from a year this list replenishes with new institutions which invariably win liking of our constant clients. People who have chosen us as a guide in the rest world.  

Vip  sauna, private bath  saunas,  city saunas.

Our VIP  sauna with professional service staff and a various complex of services becomes for you a real godsend. After all, such sauna  bath is well  known in Kiev,  serves as an excellent resting place,  gives you vitality and  strengthens health. Our complex of baths and network of saunas «Travel Club»  is among

 the best saunas of Kiev has an excellent service, the pleasant prices and unique local colour which Turkish baths  possess or usual Russian baths, will be remembered by you for a long time. The unusual interior, attractive design of sweating rooms and pools, exotic music underneath - all it makes our saunas and baths an excellent resting place.